Herne Bay, 1963

Tourists on the beach, Herne Bay, England, 1963 © David Hurn / Magnum Photos

Herne Bay holiday makers determined to enjoy their holiday whatever the temperature or however high the wind, Herne Bay, England, 1963 © David Hurn / Magnum Photos

Elderly holiday makers on the sea front of the seaside town of Margate, Herne Bay, England, 1963 © David Hurn / Magnum Photos

Herne Bay / Pigment Prints, 1963

In 1963 David Hurn visited the British seaside resort of Herne Bay. He photographed holidaymakers from London and further afield on the beach and around the seafront. The collection features two sets of inkjet prints sized 34.4 x 25.2 cm and 25.5 x 18.7 cm.

“We are an island, and the seaside has always, photographically, been a place to observe the variants of British life – in the early 1800’s, it was John Dillwyn Llewelyn; in the early 1900’s, Paul Martin. I linked ‘Hurn’ to ‘Herne’ as a ploy to produce a small photographic essay that I could pursue at weekends from London. Herne Bay was the destination for day-trippers from London’s East End. In these pictures, you’ve got many archetypes – men in overcoats and cloth caps alongside Mods in sports jackets. The photos almost seem to capture the start of the sixties as a social phenomenon.”

48 pigment prints – 34.4 x 25.2 cm & 25.5 x 18.7 cm

Quote by David Hurn from the book ‘The 1960s Photographed by David Hurn’ published by Reel Art Press, 2015 Copyright © in format Rare Art Press Ltd., 2015


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