Kavi Pujara

Coinciding with the MPF exhibition, This Golden Mile, Martin Parr talks photography with Kavi Pujara in this instalment of Sofa Sessions.

Photographed against the backdrop of Brexit, the Windrush scandal, and a government intent on reducing net migration, This Golden Mile documents Indian migration to Leicester, exploring themes of identity, home and Britishness. Kavi and Martin discuss Kavi’s childhood experiences growing up in Leicester, the magazines in his parents’ shop that seeded his passion for photography and how a shift in his approach to photographing the Golden Mile unlocked a strong collaborative practice.

This Golden Mile is on display at Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol, from 06 OCT to 18 DEC 2022. Kavi was one of four recipients of the MPF 2020 bursaries, which he received to support the development of This Golden Mile. This Golden Mile the photobook has been published by Setanta Books. Signed copies are available from the MPF bookshop here.

This interview contains language that viewers may find offensive and/or upsetting. Viewer discretion is advised.

Produced by the Martin Parr Foundation. Filmed and edited by Alexander Parkyn-Smith. Filmed in October 2022.


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