Steve Pyke

County Clare, 1994 © Steve Pyke

Irishmaan, 1991 © Steve Pyke

County Kerry, 1994 © Steve Pyke

Throwing The Bullet, 1987 © Steve Pyke

Three Generation Irishmaan, 1991 (Arran Islands) © Steve Pyke

County Sligo, 1994 © Steve Pyke

County Sligo, 1994 © Steve Pyke

Belfast, 1992 © Steve Pyke

Young Dublin Family, 1985 © Steve Pyke

Rosses Point, County Sligo, 1994 © Steve Pyke

A collection of vintage prints by Steve Pyke from ‘I Could Read The Sky’, a work combining pictures and words made in collaboration with the author Timothy O’Grady.

The resulting photographs were taken in Ireland throughout the 1980s and 1990s showing ancestral landscapes, cultural traditions and portraits in rural and urban communities. Together with the text by Timothy O’Grady a powerful image emerges both visually and imaginary where the words and photographs create a narrative from the perspective of a refugee, addressing their experiences of exile as an emigree of Ireland.

Martin Parr Foundation houses a collection of original silver gelatin vintage prints made by Steve Pyke in 1997 for a touring exhibition of the work shown at; University of Albany (New York State) in 1997, Gallery of Photography (Dublin) in 1998, and Zelda Cheatle Gallery (London) in 1999.

There are a total of 10 prints in the collection.


Silver gelatin prints, black and white

50.8 x 60.9


1983 – 1990

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