You, Me and Cold War Steve: The International Exhibition of the People 2021
By Cold War Steve

16 SEPT - 24 OCT 2021

Cold War Steve, aka Christopher Spencer, produces surreal, humorous and satirical photo-montages commenting on the current political climate.

Originally planned for 2020 – with almost 100 locations around the world taking part, from Falkirk to The Falklands – You, Me and Cold War Steve was a free to download exhibition, with anyone and everyone welcome to exhibit the images and be involved. Old libraries, pubs, garden centres, colleges and hospitals were all set to take part. Then, as the pandemic hit, one by one exhibitions were cancelled.

“During the last year we couldn’t stop thinking about the importance of being together, now that it was impossible. The need for humans to be together in a physical sense, to share in a moment of joy, appreciation of artwork, a night of dancing, talking, cheering, mourning and crying all of sudden looked vital.” – CWS

Now that the world is opening again, You, Me and Cold War Steve – The International Exhibition of the People 2021, encourages everyone to get involved in sharing new Cold War Steve images.

“My audience is splendidly bestrewn across the British Isles (and beyond), and certainly not confined to the big cities. We wanted to let anyone, anywhere, put on their own Cold War Steve exhibition.’ – CWS

Martin Parr Foundation is partaking in the show this Autumn, presenting Cold War Steve images across the MPF toilets from 16 SEPT 2021.

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