Intersectional Geographies
A Group Exhibition, curated by Jacqueline Ennis Cole

27 JAN - 03 APR 2022

In 2021 Martin Parr Foundation held an open call for a UK-based curator to present a photographic exhibition in the MPF gallery and Jacqueline Ennis-Cole has been selected for her proposed group show, Intersectional Geographies.

Intersectional Geographies brings together a diverse selection of photographers whose works address inclusion within society at a time of climate crisis, social distancing and human rights violations.⁣

Each photographer highlights a concern that resonates with them. The participating photographers confirmed are -⁣

Ignacio Acosta
Rhiannon Adam ⁣
Lisa Barnard ⁣
Jacqueline Ennis-Cole
Darek Fortas ⁣⁣
Roshini Kempadoo
Miranda Pennell
Judy Rabinowitz Price
Xavier Ribas ⁣ ⁣
David Severn
Aida Silvestri ⁣
Janine Wiedel ⁣

‘Intersectional Geographies unpacks and addresses complex and timely ideas from climate and social justice to extractive mining practices and questions of gender through the work of a diverse and international list of photographic voices working across the conceptual and documentary mode.’ – Alona Pardo, Curator, Barbican Art Gallery, London⁣

Thank you to our panel of judges -⁣
Mariama Attah / Curator, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool⁣
Song Tae Chong / Independent Curator and Photo Historian⁣
Alona Pardo / Curator, Barbican Art Gallery, London⁣
Jennie Ricketts / Independent Photography Consultant⁣