The Dynamic
by Sebastian Bruno

20 APR - 02 JUL 2023

The Dynamic presents the story of Wales’ most distinctive local newspaper, its editors Tony and Julian, and the community they represent as told by the paper’s former staff photographer, Sebastián Bruno.

The Dynamic was first published in Abertillery in May 2015 with a circulation of 5000, and continued to be published regularly for two years. Behind the newspaper were two men— Tony and Julian, one computer and a printing contract. It was a cultural success but a financial disaster. With uncompromising vision, the newspaper campaigned to Remain in the EU referendum in the region, Blaenau Gwent, which had the highest Leave vote in Wales. The short but intense life of the newspaper coincided with some of the most tumultuous years in contemporary British history, marked by the coming of fake news, austerity policies and Brexit.

This exhibition brings together photographs, archive material, film and installation to immerse visitors in Tony and Julian’s universe.

A photobook of The Dynamic has been published by ICVL to coincide with the exhibition and is available from the MPF online shop here.

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