In Your Face
By Paul Trevor

26.09.18 — 22.12.18

Shot between 1977 and 1992, In Your Face contrasts close up street photos in the City of London with nearby Brick Lane. Paul Trevor’s motivation was partly political as this was the era of Margaret Thatcher; she polarised debate on market forces versus community values.

The photographic language that Paul Trevor evolved was radical, especially as it could be argued that new concepts in street photography are elusive. By coming in very tight on his subject matter and using a standard lens, Paul Trevor created a dynamism which is both arresting and revealing. This language has not been replicated and stands out as a remarkable body of work within British documentary photography.

“The idea was to say something about the two places without having to show what people did. The story would be in people’s faces. Requiring a close-range approach, the project involved me in a new way of making photographs.” – Paul Trevor

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