FOUNDATIONS [ /faʊnˈdeɪʃəns/ ]

25.05.18 - 02.06.18

foundation (n.)

•   A basis or groundwork on which something is raised, or by which it is supported or confirmed.
•   An underlying ground or principle.
•   The basis on which a story, fiction, or the like is founded.
•   A ground or reason upon which men act.
•   The action of establishing, instituting, or constituting on a permanent basis.
•   The ‘seat’ of the body; the ‘fundament’.
•   The state or fact of being founded.
•   (v.) to ground

The newly established MA Photography programme at University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol) – which commenced in September 2017 – explores photography from an expansive range of contemporary, critical, experimental and intellectual perspectives; its aim is to develop and support new generations of leading, ambitious, innovative and informed photographic practitioners for many years to come.  Taking its inspiration from the recent founding of the Martin Parr Foundation, this exhibition – FOUNDATIONS – engages with the general notion of ‘foundation’ itself, and considers what it might mean to this promising new group of emerging photographers and artists.  Collectively, it represents how the members of this burgeoning community are each exploring and establishing the ‘basis’ or ‘groundwork’ of their individual photographic practices, as well as defining and building strong new ‘foundations’ of their own.

Matthew Broadhead
Lisa Brook
Melanie Chitty
Macarena Costan Valverde
Vinh Dao
Richard Draper
Jekaterina Ehlera
Stephen Evans
Samuel Fordham
Marton Gosztonyi
Emily Graham
Benjamin Haywood
Chris Hoare
Alvaro Martinez Garcia
Jamie Murray
Ng Hui Hsien
Manon Ouimet
Sophie Sherwood
Amelia Stewart
Suzie Worthington

Opening party: Friday 25th May 2018, 6pm to 9pm
Please sign up to our mailing list to receive more details or register interest in attending by emailing [email protected]

Photo –  ‘Untitled (#2)’, from the series ‘CR92BY’, 2018 © Samuel Fordham

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