Chris Killip Archive

The Martin Parr Foundation (MPF) houses a substantial number of Chris Killip works, both within the permanent collection and on behalf of the Chris Killip Photography Trust.

In the permanent collection MPF holds many silver gelatin prints, made and signed by Chris Killip. This includes a full set of In Flagrante prints and 14 one-off prints made at a larger size of 40×50 inches for Arles 2004. The MPF is also home to the two In Flagrante book dummies produced whilst fine tuning the edit and sequence of Killip’s seminal book, published in 1988. The library houses a full set of Killip’s published books, as well as a unique and complete set of unpublished (print on demand) books, put together by Chris when testing different ideas.

On behalf of the Chris Killip Photography Trust, the MPF houses over 600 signed silver gelatin prints from Killip’s projects; In Flagrante, Seacoal, Isle of Man, Skinningrove, Askam in Furness, Portraits, North East and The Station. These prints are available to hire for exhibitions through the MPF and access can also be granted for specific research enquiries.
The MPF stores 1400 digital image files of Killip’s work. Access to this archive can be arranged upon request, through Isaac – [email protected]

Exhibition hire
Full, unframed, exhibition print sets are available to hire through MPF. Projects include In Flagrante, Isle of Man, Pirelli Work, Skinningrove, Seacoal, Askam-in-Furness, North East, The Station, Shipbuilding and Portraits.

If you are interested in loaning Chris Killip’s work for an exhibition please contact Isaac for further details – [email protected]

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