Skinningrove, 1981 - 1983

Leso sleeping in his boat

David Cox, Richard Noble, John Ewens, Bever, and baby Joanne Ewens, 1982

Girls buying ice-cream in a thunderstorm, Skinningrove 1983

Whippet holding LP ‘Punk and Disorderly, Toothy, and Bever, Skinningrove 1983

Beach scene with boats and boy on right, 1982

View of Skinningrove from above, 1982

Blackie and Mato at Sea, Skinningrove, 1982

Boat repair and seven men, Skinningrove, 1982

Family on a Sunday walk, Skinningrove, 1982

Simon being taken to sea for the first time since his father drowned, Skinningrove, 1984

60 modern silver gelatin prints from a set of pictures made by Chris Killip in the village of Skinningrove, North Yorkshire.

The photographs observe the daily rituals and rendezvous of a village seen by outsiders as fiercely self-sufficient and suspicious to newcomers. Made during a period of de-industrialisation in the North East of England where work was scarce, Skinningrove’s access to the coast for fishing provided a tentative lifeline to the community living there. Scenes such as waiting for the tide, cutting lobster pots, or sitting in parked boats are punctuated by the casual daily interactions and relationships between the people of Skinningrove, which are observed intimately by Killip.

Four of the images from Skinningrove were used in Killip’s seminal book In Flagrante. In 2018 the series was published by Pony as a 32 page newspaper and will be published by Steidl as a complete body of work for the first time in 2022 by Steidl and designed by Pony.

Modern silver gelatin prints

10 prints = 40.6 x 50.8cm
50 prints = 50.8 x 60.9cm



1981 – 1983

Prints housed on behalf of Chris Killip Photography Trust.