The Last Resort 1998 (HARDBACK)(SIGNED) By Martin Parr

The original edition of the Last Resort was published by Promenade Press as a softback in 1986. This version was published by Dewi Lewis as a hardback in 1998 and reprinted again in 2002.

This first colour publication by Parr is described by some as cruel and voyeuristic, and by others as a stunning satire on the state of Britain. It established him as one of the Europe’s most influential and admired photographers and contributed to the development of a new colour documentary photography in the UK.

Dewi Lewis Publishing, 1998
h229 x w299 mm
88 pages
40 colour photographs
3 illustrations
Text by Ian Walker, English
Design by Peter Brawne


The Last Resort Martin parr Dewi Lewis Publishing, 1998 1st Edition

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