The Dynamic Exhibition Tour with Sebastián Bruno and Isaac Blease 

Join photographer Sebastián Bruno for an artist and curator led-tour of the current MPF exhibition, The Dynamic, on display in the MPF gallery until 02 JUL 2023. Sebastián will lead the tour with Isaac Blease, curator of the show and MPF archivist. 

Sebastián and Isaac will discuss the making of the work and developing the exhibition. They will also share a number of inside stories from the Dynamic newsroom / office.

This will be an informal event with questions and discussion welcome throughout.

The Dynamic presents the story of Wales’ most distinctive local newspaper, its editors Tony and Julian, and the community they represent as told by the paper’s former staff photographer, Sebastián Bruno.

11 JUN 2023, 11am BST

FREE event

booking required

the tour will last approx. 1 hour


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