Sharkification (SIGNED) By Cristina de Middel

Sharkification is a rare publication by Magnum photographer Christina de Middel.

In this photobook, Cristina explores the favelas of Brazil, imagining them as a coral reef where the battle between the police and drug gangs can be seen as if sharks in pursuit of small fish.

'I used a blue handmade plastic filter and placed it in front of the lens to add the underwater effect that could convey my approach. I turned the police into the sharks, that hunt for survival, and the civilians into the small fish that use camouflage strategies to survive to support my aim to bring some fresh air to the debate and also to build a portrait of the community that does not feed the black and white cliché of the favelas that we are used to consume.

Editora Madalena, 2015
h230 x w150 mm
132 pages


Sharkification Cristina de Middel 2015 Editora Madalena

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