Mills and Millers 8 x Stamp Collection (sent from the Isle of Man) By Chris Killip

A collection of 8 stamps each featuring a different image by photographer Chris Killip.

Produced by the Isle of Man Post Office and issued 01 April 2009, the stamps can be used to send post from the Isle of Man. The images featured on the stamps are taken from Killip's photography of the Isle of Man shot in the 1970s and 80s, which became a part of his seminal photobook In Flagrante.

The collection presented here has been sent from the Isle of Man, with the stamp dating 01 April 2009.

Package signed by Chris Killip.

2 x 32p stamps
2 x 33p stamps
2 x 50p stamps
2 x 78p stamps
h36 x w36 mm
Offset Lithography


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