Keunyser By Jackson Whitefield

"Keunyser [koe’nI’zEr] m. – the Cornish term for a ‘fuel gatherer’ – Seacoal emerges from the ocean, unintentionally ensnared by trawling fishermen and delivered ashore. This material encapsulates contradictions, once a driving force propelling the progression of human civilisation, coal now casts a shadow over the very systems it once fuelled. The work is an act of labour, meticulously charting marks on paper through repetitive motions that evolve into a ritualistic performance. The coal is rolled, pushed, pulled, and rubbed, tracing the material’s path of inevitable decay. Once revered, these coal relics now stand as silent witnesses to the complexities of progress and the delicate equilibrium needed to preserve our world." - Jackson Whitefield

Self Published, 2023
h 235 mm x w 200 mm
65 Pages


Jack Whitefield Keunyser 2023

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