K (SIGNED) By Eamonn Doyle

In this photobook, Eamonn Doyle moves away from the city to photograph the western Atlantic edge of Ireland.

Through intense colour images, K follows a figure that shape-shifts as it travels across the landscape. Entirely veiled in cloth, the figure is spectral. A number of dense black and white photographs also appear to describe seismic evidence.

Eamonn’s brother, Ciarán, died suddenly at age 33 in 1999. Printed within the book are stratified layers of hand-written letters from a mother to her deceased son.

The photobook also includes as a 10" vinyl record. Working with a 1951 recording of an Irish Keen, musician David Donohoe has composed a new, two-part piece for voice that accompanies this body of work, and is included on the accompanying vinyl.

Self published, 2018
h370 x w290 mm
88 pages
9 b&w photographs
48 colour photographs
10" vinyl record
Design by Pony, Ltd.


K Eamonn Doyle Self published, 2018

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