Into the Fire By Matt Stuart

Into the Fire is Matt Stuart’s second book of photographs following on from his critically acclaimed ‘All that life can Afford’.

Into the Fire documents the daily lives of people who live in Slab City, an off-grid community based on a former military base in the Sonoran desert, just north of the Mexican border. It is home to travellers, dog lovers, thieves, military veterans, artists and inventors. Its population numbers thousands throughout the winter, in the summer, when temperatures can exceed 120°F (49°C) it dwindles into the low hundreds. True ‘Slabbers’ are the people who have managed to survive two summers. These are the people Matt befriended and photographed.

This book has been produced with two different cover designs, please select your preferred option.

Setanta, 2020
h200 x w260 mm
50 pages
60 colour photographs


Into the Fire Matt Stuart Setanta 2020

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