If You Can Piss (SIGNED) By David O'Mara

"‘If you can piss, you can paint’. This common expression on building sites captures the camaraderie, humour, and micro-hierarchy of the building trades. David O’Mara has worked as a painter and decorator in London houses for eighteen years, having arrived from Ireland as a Fine Art graduate with artistic ambitions. While trying to gain some recognition for his practice, he began painting and decorating as a pragmatic and necessary segue. David assumed his time at this occupation would be limited, a mere stop gap, but as time passed and he built up skills and contacts, he came to realise this may not be the case. To reclaim some engagement with his practice, David started bringing a small 35mm camera with him to work, photographing his co-workers and their shared labour. This book is the result of that journey to reconcile his practice, ambitions, and realities of working life. It is also a record of the close friends he has made over the years, and the jobs which have required their collective skills, energy and creativity.'' - Text taken from the book.

Jannuzzi Smith Editions, 2019
h210 x w150 mm
160 pages


David O’Hara Jannuzzi Smith Editions 2019

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