Hotshoe Issue 209 An Emotional Landscape By Hotshoe

Whether we live in a city or rural ideal our interdependence with nature is ever-present. In this issue, Hotshoe explores our role in nature and our relationship with the creatures who share our world through the work of Trent Parke, Stephen Gill, Mimi Plumb, P Guilmoth, Jem Southam, Yana Wernicke, Rinko Kawauchi, Takashi Homma, Masahisa Fukase, Jack Davison, Robbie Lawrence, Michael Lundgren and Gregory Crewdson.

Hotshoe International, 2023
h230 x w165 mm
192 pages


Hotshoe International, 2023 Hotshoe Trent Parke Stephen Gill Mimi Plumb P Guilmoth Jem Southam Yana Wernicke Rinko Kawauchi

Takashi Homma Masahisa Fukase Jack Davison Robbie Lawrence Michael Lundgren Gregory Crewdson

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