Funhouse (SIGNED) By Jill Quigley

Funhouse links the action of mark-making and the action of recording it in a simple exercise, taking the basic gestures of applying paint as subject and process. Photographic material of interior walls being painted (depicting a transformative process towards uniformity) is taped to a wall and painted with similar techniques and tools (a disruptive transformation). The resulting imagery explores the contrasts between the practical and artistic use of the same physical materials and actions - the blank wall and the gestures of painting.

The book displays an edited photographic record of this process, the succession of painted photographs and the marks left on the wall building up over time. It documents a wall in transition that is itself a document of the gestures of painting involved in the process.

Self Published, 2023
h210 x w280 mm
40 pages


Jill Quigley Funhouse 2023

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