Crimson Line By Trent Parke

Crimson Line presents the new experimental work of Magnum photographer Trent Parke. Influenced by the ephemeral colours of dawn and dusk, the multitude of reds sparked his curiosity about the colour crimson.

Crimson is used in commercial products, harvested from the crushed and boiled bodies of the female scale insect, the Cochineal. A dye used primarily in cosmetics and food colouring.

Born in the Australian steel city of Newcastle, Trent Park explores a crimson landscape dominated by ship yards, chimneys, and the BHP steelworks.

Signed copies have the signature inserted via label.

Stanley Barker, 2020
h220 x w310 mm
132 pages
51 colour photographs
Metallic Hardback


Crimson Line Stanley Barker, 2020 Trent Parke

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