Bewilderment Cards By Esther May Campbell

Kitchen Table Photo Club presents Bewilderment Cards, a series of photographic playing cards and prompts made by local kids with Esther May Campbell and old analogue cameras.

The Kitchen Table Photo Club, a weekly arts club, emerges from the heart of Esther’s home, around a fire & kitchen table. Kids gather to look at books, fiddle with analogue cameras and exhibit work, while fostering friendship, connection and emotional resilience.

The club once met around a table at home, had to adapt during lockdowns. They sent bespoke Community Art Packages to local families stuck inside. These consisted of dressing up stuff, half frame cameras and hand-drawn cards to be used prompts to make images from. What resulted is this limited edition deck of cards made to inspire your art practice and attention.

Kitchen Table Photo Club
49 x photo cards
17 x hand drawn prompts
1 x instructions


Esther May Campbell Kitchen Table Photo Club

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