A1 – The Great North Road (SIGNED) By Paul Graham

This is a new edition of 'A1 - The Great North Road', Paul Graham's first photobook originally published in 1983.

Despite the UK having a vibrant photographic scene at the time, there were only handful of monographs made - Chris Killip and Martin Parr had one each - and no dedicated publishers or distributors. Paul Graham had to self-publish A1 - The Great North Road, but as the first colour book, it had a startling impact on British photography. Uniting the tradition of social documentary with the fresh approach of new colour, this book was transformative on photography in the UK and paved the way for a new generation of British colour photographers to emerge, from Nick Waplington to Anna Fox, Richard Billingham to Tom Wood.

Mack, 2020
h243 x w322 mm
96 pages
45 colour photographs


Paul Graham The Great North Road A1 Mack 2020

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