Vinca Petersen
No System

No System portfolio and book dummy – Vinca Petersen

A collection of 10×8 work prints from Vinca Pettersen’s work ‘No System’ a documentation of nomadic 90s life and an intimate portrait of the European illegal rave community.

“The physical side of life is amplified by living on the road; getting water, fixing engines, cooking, are all more difficult when you have ‘no fixed abode’. Life was a lot about practical tasks, and constantly playing cat and mouse with the authorities.” – Vinca Petersen

No System was first published in 1999 by Steidl; The Martin Parr Foundation now holds the original No System book dummy accompanied by a portfolio of No System 10×8 work prints.

Medium / C-Type, Colour
Dimensions / 25.4 x 20.32
Dates / C. 1990s



Vinca Petersen:
No System