The Foundation produces a 10×8″ print from Martin’s archive annually, forming a collection exclusive to Supporters and Patrons.

This image, shot in Portugal in 1999, has been selected to celebrate the third year of our membership scheme.

“I’ve always been fascinated by people’s heads. I was taking pictures of people in hats from behind, by myself, when suddenly this guy appeared with a bald patch. I followed him down the street. I don’t think he noticed. Rear views are something I specialise in, but this was one of my best ever: a perfect hat, and a perfect bald patch. It illustrates the battle between hope and reality, the human spirit encapsulated in the back of a man’s head” – Martin Parr

Add-on a custom made frame (as seen above) for an additional £75.

Pigment print (unframed) on archival Baryta paper
Paper size: 10×8 inches
Image size: 9×6 inches
Signed and titled by Martin Parr on the reverse
Printed at the Martin Parr Foundation
Available until 11/11/21

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