Our collection of over 5000 photobooks has been carefully curated by Martin Parr. While the library is primarily dedicated to works from Britain and Ireland, it also contains some of the best photobooks from around the world. Our tailor-made electronic catalogue of the collection makes searching the stacks simple.

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Sabiha Çimen won the Paris Photo First Book Award with this depiction of students at several girls-only Qur’an schools throughout Turkey.

M/E On this sphere Endlessly interlinking

The exhibition catalogue accompanying Rinko Kawauchi’s 2022 show at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery.

Year 3

A snapshot of a generation, a cross-section of a particular time and place – but also, according to Steve McQueen, a Trogan horse.

Acid House as it Happened

Dave Swindells’ appropriately kaleidoscopic record of one nation under a groove.

Looking for Signs

Peter Finnemore’s ‘meditation on the universal conventions, democratic versatility and proliferation of the photographic medium itself’.

Home is Not a Place

Poet Roger Robinson and photographer Johny Pitts’ road trip in search of Black Britain.

Beauty Papers

Harley Weir’s new book about the allure of plastic surgery and changing beauty standards.

The Book of Everything

Over 600 career-spanning images by the late photographer Mary Ellen Mark – edited by her partner.

Twin Lens Reflex

The Portrait Photographs of Bandele “Tex” Ajetunmobi and Harry Jacobs – depicting post-war Black Britain.

Auto fictions

A definitive record of 20 years of photography and film by Trish Morrissey.

Scumb Manifesto

Justine Kurland cut up 150 books by old white men and made something beautiful.

The Arnolfini Works 1984

A previously unpublished selection of stunning photographs from Peter Fraser’s exhibition (alongside William Eggleston) in Bristol.

Big Fence / Pitcairn Island

The result of Rhiannon Adam’s 96 day stay on the island; a tome on the dangers of romanticism.

White Shoes

Nona Faustine’s confrontational / hopeful self portraits, taken on sites of historic slave trade activity.

Designing the Beautiful Game

A book about pigs’ bladders, made to accompany the Design Museum exhibition on football.


Shortlisted for the Arles Author Book Award 2017, Alexander Chekmenev’s photographs of Luhansk elders.