Our collection of over 5000 photobooks has been carefully curated by Martin Parr. While the library is primarily dedicated to works from Britain and Ireland, it also contains some of the best photobooks from around the world. Our tailor-made electronic catalogue of the collection makes searching the stacks simple.

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Vanessa Winship takes a step away from her intimate portraiture with this new book of landscapes made in rural Ohio.

Carbon Slowly Turning

An overview of the works of Ingrid Pollard, to coincide with her exhibitions at MK Gallery and Turner Contemporary.

Alexander McQueen in Wales

The fashion house’s collaboration with former MPF exhibitors Clementine Schneidermann and Charlotte James.

Street Children

This little known gem is Julia Trevelyan Oman’s record of children playing in London’s streets in the mid-20th-century.

Our Own Selves

A celebration of one of the most sought-after fashion photographers working today, Nadine Ijewere.

Ukraine: Stop Tanks With Books

Mark Neville’s anti-war project, published this year just before the current invasion.

The Lie of the Land / What is Britain?

A couple of beautiful little booklets by Bristol-based Simon Moreton.

Black Not Sorry

James Kemmenoe’s documentation of the BLM marches in London, June 2020.