Our collection of over 5000 photobooks has been carefully curated by Martin Parr. While the library is primarily dedicated to works from Britain and Ireland, it also contains some of the best photobooks from around the world. Our tailor-made electronic catalogue of the collection makes searching the stacks simple.

The library is open one day a week, with priority booking available to members of the Foundation. Contact us at to book either an early (10-1pm) or late (2-5pm) session from the following dates:

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Leaving and Waving

Deanna Dikeman’s shortlisted entry in MACK’s First book awards – this is a 27 year chronicle of the photographer’s parents waving goodbye from their driveway. A simple yet powerful edition published by Chose Commune.

The British Isles

This book brings together the last 17 years of work by Jamie Hawkesworth. In his signature style, an array of characters and landscapes from the British Isles are sensitively depicted, piecing together a tumultuous period in our history.

Street Portraits

Dawoud Bey’s beautifully printed series of black and white portraits made in various American cities throughout the late eighties. Bey photographed his subjects using a camera that presented both a negative and a polaroid print – the latter being gifted to each sitter.

Magnum – 2020

2020 was, in the words of president Olivia Arthur, ‘something of a turning point for us all as a group.’ Here then is the collective’s yearbook – including photographs, texts, film stills and lockdown email exchanges between the members.