«Fauna»: (series created with Pere Formiguera) Centaurus neanderthalensis, 1987 © Joan Fontcuberta

«Orogenesis» Orogenesis: Fenton, 2006 © Joan Fontcuberta

«Deconstructing Osama»: Manbaa Mokfhi leading an incursión by Al Qaeda Taliban guerrillas in the combat zone north of Mazar-el-Shariff, 2003 © Joan Fontcuberta

«Sputnik»: Ivan and Kloka performing their historical EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity), 1968 © Joan Fontcuberta

Joan Fontcuberta Workshop
Conspirational Images


With sophisticated narrative constructions in photography and digital media, issues of credibility, veracity and authenticity are integral to debate.

Images frequently deal with irony and humour and are pushed to the no man’s land between reality and illusion, between truth and falsehood – this workshop will explore the conditions of truth in visual information.

Joan Fontcuberta will review current and historical examples of controversy, as well as discuss a selection of his previous projects. Fontcuberta’s work subverts the canonic function of photographs as documents in history, science and mass communication.

There will be a special focus on “mockcumentary” as criticism, parody and deconstruction of traditional documentary in both film and still photography.

Limited to 12 places, lunch included.


1 day workshop