Visible Girls Revisited (SIGNED) By Anita Corbin

This photobook presents the work of portrait and editorial photographer Anita Corbin. Her project Visible Girls celebrates women and explores subculture in 1980s England.

“In 1980 as a 22 year old photographer I felt an irresistible drive to ensure that a generation of women were represented within a photographic genre almost entirely dominated by men. All around me the grass roots energy of subcultural tribes were being expressed through shaved head and scooter, mohican and musical taste, dance move and sexual orientation… I wanted our ‘Herstory’ to be as colourful and visible as these Visible Girls. Thirty six years later social media has helped me to find these original Visible Girls & revisit them in my contemporary new series ‘Visible Girls: Revisited’” – Anita Corbin

Aldanita Foundation Ltd, 2017
h300 x w240 mm
80 pages
1 b&w photograph
45 colour photographs
Text by Deborah Willimott


Anita Corbin Arts Council England Visible Girls Revisited Aldanita Foundation Ltd, 2017

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