This Golden Mile (SIGNED) By Kavi Pujara

This photobook presents This Golden Mile by Kavi Pujara, and coincides with an exhibition of the work at MPF from 06 OCT - 18 DEC 2022.

Kavi began to photograph the neighbourhood around Leicester’s Golden Mile as a way to reconnect with the city, its residents and his own past after 30 years of living in London.

‘This Golden Mile is not about the one-mile stretch of Melton Road that turns into Belgrave Road with its sari shops, Indian restaurants and jewellers. It’s about the arteries and veins that come from it, giving life to the parts of the neighbourhood away from the central commercial thoroughfare. This Golden Mile exists in the poetry of homes, temples and street corners; it’s down the alleys and through the gaps in steel fencing leading to crumbling industrial plots. This Golden Mile is both an entry point and an ending, the last mile of a long journey to Britain.’

– Kavi Pujara

Setanta, 2022
h265 x w220 mm
116 pages
57 colour photographs


Setanta This Golden Mile Kavi Pujara 2022

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