Teddy Gray’s Sweet Factory DVD By Martin Parr

As a part of Martin Parr’s extensive body of work exploring the richness and diversity of the Black Country – Black Country Stories – Martin Parr produced four films; this DVD presents Teddy Gray’s Sweet Factory, commissioned by Multistory.

This quaint documentary explores the life and working practice of Teddy Gray’s, a traditional sweet factory manufacturer in Dudley that still produces all confectionary by hand. Established in 1826, Teddy Gray’s has always been a family owned and run business. Five generations have worked and contributed towards the business of keeping the traditional, hand-made methods of sweet making alive.

Multistory, 2011
Filmed by Martin Parr
Directed by Martin Parr
Running time 20 mins


Martin Parr Teddy Gray’s Sweet Factory DVD Multistory

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