Subbuteo Superheroes By Julian Germain

‘In 1974, teenager Nick Kidney was quietly obsessed with football, comics and Subbuteo—a hugely popular tabletop football game in the 1970’s and 80’s. The three were so prominent in Nick’s adolescent mind, that in the sanctuary of his bedroom, he spent many weeks painstakingly repainting and remodelling a standard team of Subbuteo footballers…into superheroes…’

Zoom forward to 2022, and photographer Julian Germain and designer Andy Altmann have produced this zine celebrating Nick’s teenage creations. The pages combine nostlagic design references to comics with artful portaits of the decorated Subbuteo characters, blown up way beyond their natural scale.

Andy Altmann, 2022
h260 x w180 mm
28 pages


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