Small World, Fourth edition (SIGNED) By Martin Parr

This new version of Small World is an update of the third edition, which was initially produced in 2018. Internally the book is the same as the 2018 printing, but with a new matt-finish hardback cover featuring the iconic Parr image of the artificial beach inside the Ocean Dome, Miyazaki, Japan.

Small World is Martin Parr’s long running series exploring tourism on a global scale. First published in 1996 – with a revised and updated edition published in 2007 – the third edition adds new photography to the classic Parr series that has been in development for over 30 years. The third edition includes more than 40 new photographs as well as the most iconic images from Small World.

Dewi Lewis, 2022
h240 x w295 mm
104 pages
80 colour photographs
Text by Geoff Dyer


Martin Parr Small World Third Edition 2022 Dewi Lewis

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