No Pain Whatsoever (SIGNED) By Ken Grant

In No Pain Whatsoever, Ken Grant revisits his social documentary work exploring 1980s Liverpool. Influenced by photographers such as Chris Killip and Tony Ray-Jones, Ken Grant photographs the quieter moments of the everyday working class.

"It began as a way of remembering the craftspeople and laborers of my adolescence - my ever changing colleagues, who came and went like the work and who taught me, in beautiful and sometimes desperate ways, how to grow things in a difficult land. This book is about the quiet hours and days, relationships that ebb and flow, flourish or fail, and what we do and, sometimes, about all we can do." Ken Grant

Journal, 2014
1st Edition
h250 x w210 mm
72 pages
50 b&w photograph
Edited by Gösta Flemming


No Pain whatsoever Ken Grant Journal, 2014



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