No Olho Da Rua (In the Eye of the Street) Archive #01 Portraits (SIGNED) By Patricia Azevedo, Julian Germain and Murilo Godoy

Photographic artist Julian Germain has developed 'No Olho Da Rua (In the Eye of the Street), 1995 - 2020', a photographic project addressing homelessness on the streets of Brazil. 

The project will result in 18 publications with Mörel Books and this zine is the first in the series, presenting a series of portraits from the No Olho Da Rua archive.

The work is a long term collaboration involving Julian Germain, Patricia Azevedo, Murilo Godoy, and approximately 50 young Brazilians living on the streets of Belo Horizonte. The result is a vast archive of thousands of photographs produced over seventeen years, charting the participants lives over a period of unprecedented economic expansion.

Morel Books, 2020
h210 x w150 mm
52 pages
42 colour photographs


No Olho Da Rua In the eye of the street Julian Germain Archive 01 Portraits 1995-2020 By people living on the streets of belo horizonte, brazil and patricia azevedo julian germain and murilo godoy Morel Books Non Profit 2020

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