M/E On This Sphere Endlessly Interlinking (SIGNED) By Rinko Kawauchi

This is the exhibition catalogue produced to accompany Rinko Kawauchi's 2021 solo show, M/E, which was on display at the Shiga Museum of Art, Japan.

"M/E, the main subject of this exhibition and inspiration for its title, is a new series Kawauchi began shooting in 2019. The letters stand for “Mother” and “Earth,” combining to form both “Mother Earth” and “Me.” At a glance, the series’ images of Iceland’s volcanoes and ice floes and Hokkaido’s snowy landscapes may seem distant and unrelated to the everyday scenes from the COVID-19 pandemic that accompany them in the series. However, both types of image depict events now taking place on the planet we live on, and Kawauchi’s artistry alerts us to the connection between them. This exhibition invites the viewer to reconsider a range of questions about the workings of human life and our relationship with nature." - Shiga Museum of Art
In this exhibition catalogue, Rinko has composed a sequence that allows visitors to relive the three-dimensional exhibition space. The publication also includes three essays, of which one is written by Masatake Shinohara, exploring the current state of Rinko work through both imagery and text.

Asahi Shimbun, 2022
h285 x w227 mm
1st Edition


Rinko Kawauchi M/E Asahi Shimbun 2022

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