For “Kochi Diary”, the 5th entry in his City Diary series, German artist Peter Bialobrzeski photographed the city of Kochi in the south of India.

In the series, which also includes the cities of Osaka, Zurich, Taipei and Cairo, Bialobrzeski attempts to capture a city’s reality, avoiding cliched images and platitudes. Individually, the images in “Kochi Diary” seem like stages in which the lives of the city’s residents unfolds day after day; in sequence, the pages add to form a more general image of the city’s visual representation as well as its mood, its atmosphere. Despite Bialobrzeski’s tight, no-frills compositions, his frames are filled with complexity and sophistication, inviting the viewer to participate and, perhaps, take a mental stroll through the Indian city.

The Velvet Cell, 2020
h210 x w140 mm
112 pages


The Velvet Cell, 2020 Peter BIALOBRZESKI Kochi Diary

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