Jungle Check (SIGNED) By Cristina de Middel & Kalev Erickson

Jungle Check presents a selection of found Polaroid pictures that Cristina de Middel and Kalev Erickson collected at a flea market in Mexico City.

Cristina and Kalev believe the images had all been taken by the same person in the 1970s near the Maya ruins of Tulum, and decided to go in search of the memories that these pictures hold. In the heart of the Mexican jungle, they revive the past embedded within the Polaroids, resulting in a new story, somewhere between reality and fiction.

RM Verlag, 2018
h220 x w170 mm
120 pages
105 colour photographs
Text by Luce Lebart


Cristina de Middel Kalev Erickson RM Verlag, 2018 Jungle Check

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