Isle of Man Revisited By Chris Killip

This updated edition of Isle of Man presents a revised edit of Chris Killip's seminal photobook from 1980. Born at his father's pub on the Isle of Man in 1946 - The Highlander Inn - Chris returned in the 1970s and created an intimate portrait of the island, documenting both the people and the landscape.

"Thirty years after the publication of the Isle of Man book I was in the process of preparing for my retrospective exhibition at the Museum Folkwang in Germany and started to re-examine my Isle of Man negatives. I hadn’t had an occasion to think about this work since the first edition of the book was published. Going through these negatives again I found new images that I now liked, but at the time had overlooked or had not used for reasons that now mystify me. I ended up with 250 photographs that I now think of as my Isle of Man archive.

This new version of Isle of Man draws from that archive. The photographs in this edition keep, more or less, to the same order as the original book but I have changed some of the images, added thirty others, and printed them all larger." - Chris Killip

Steidl, 1993
h297 x w297 mm
96 pages


Isle of Man Revisited Chris Killip Steidl 1993

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