In Soccer Wonderland (SIGNED) By Julian Germain

Photographer Julian Germain has long been a follower of football and in this photobook, Julian explores football culture, presented not as a series of classically composed images but as disparate photographs from a personal scrapbook.

'Julian Germain belongs to a generation of British photographers who have begun to question many of the assumptions of documentary practice, a genre long considered to be the ‘backbone’ of British photography. It’s prescriptive approach to subject matter (usually confined to a handful of worthy subjects such as war, poverty and the oppressed) and notions of ‘objectivity’ have been seriously undermined in the last decade. By embracing a range of different ‘author’s’ viewpoints in a variety of media (from large black and white prints to tiny snapshots in brash colour) Germain offers his audience a multi-layered view of the subject of football. Like a good piece of drama, we are encouraged to consider the subject from a range of different perspectives - we can, for example, choose at any one time to empathise with the young football fan obsessed with her hero or that of the ‘football widow’ immortalised in her red and white painted garden.' - Brett Rogers, Extract from Foreword to In Soccer Wonderland Exhibition Catalogue, British Council Visual Arts, 1995

Please note that there is slight shelf wear to these copies, if you would like to see pictures please email [email protected]

Booth-Clibborn Editions, 1994
h285 x w225 mm
168 pages


In Soccer Wonderland Julian Germain

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