Hidden Islam (SIGNED) By Nicolò Degiorgis

This is a rare first edition copy of Nicolò Degiorgis' Hidden Islam. This photobook is a catalogue of makeshift Islamic places of worship located across the Italian regions of the Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino and South Tyrol.

Inside a sequence of gate folds lies a life lived behind closed doors: men kneeling into prayer; men washing their feet; men conversing; women and children praying in separate rooms; an esplanade of rugs on the floor of a parking; the leftovers of a Middle Eastern meal on the tiled floor of a praying room next to an Italian flag.

Hidden Islam maps the geography of a religion forced to exist secretly because, despite its 1.5 million adepts living on Italian soil, Islam has not yet officially been recognised by the State.
The question is raised whether for anything to survive in today’s world it is necessary for it to keep hiding.

First Edition
Rorhof, 2014
h240 x w170 mm
90 pages
Introduction by Martin Parr


Hidden Islam Nicolò Degiorgis Martin Parr Rorhof First Edition 2014

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