Chili September 1973 / Errata Edition By Koen Wessing

Errata Editions publishes books of educational and cultural value for a wide audience, with a special focus on rare photography books which are unavailable to students and new generations of photographers.

This edition presents Koen Wessing's 'Chili, September 1973'.

Published in 1973 - just months after the fall of Salvador Allende to Augusto Pinochet’s coup d’etat - this photobook documents the tense days of the military attempt to root out public opposition in the streets of Santiago.

Errata Editions, 2014
h249 x w186 mm
64 pages
30 b&w photographs
Essays by Pauline Terreehorst
& Jeffrey Ladd


Chili September 1973 Errata Editions, 2014 Koen Wessing

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