Centralia By Poulomi Basu

Poulomi Basu is an Indian photographer and activist. In Centralia, she exposes hidden crimes of war as an indigenous people fight for their survival.

In war, truth is often the first casualty and Centralia explores the unsteady relationship between reality and fiction and how our perceptions of reality and truth are manipulated.

In 2018 the Centralia work was awarded of the Photographic Museum of Humanity Grant Main Prize. A Magnum Foundation Social Justice Fellow and grantee, Poulomi is known for advocating the rights of women through her work and in 2019 Amnesty International noted her as an important and brilliant ‘human rights activist’.

Dewi Lewis, 2020
h300 x w200 mm
192 pages
96 colour photographs


Centralia Poulomi Basu Dewi Lewis 2020

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