Back Then, Toona 1990-1992 (SIGNED) By Martin Parr

'Back Then, Toona 1990-1992' is a new photobook produced to coincide with the exhibition of the same name, on display at Galleria Noorus of the Pallas Academy of Applied Sciences, Estonia, from 24 SEPT to 19 OCT 2019.

From 1990-1992 Martin Parr was Professor of Photography at the University of Industrial Arts, Helsinki. While there, he frequently visited The Baltics and Russia, visually exploring this area at the time the Soviet Union was coming to an end.

This publication and exhibition presents these Martin Parr images together for the first time as a collective group. The photobook is divided into four countries, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, and has been designed to reflect the style of publications prevalent in early 90s Estonia.

Tartua, 2019
h300 x w230 mm
112 pages
45 colour photographs


Back Then Toona 1990 -1992 Martin Parr Tartua, 2019

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