Cafe Royal Books
Documentary, Zines and Subversion

14 APR - 12 JUN 2022

This show presents 167 prints from the work Café Royal Books has published, on display alongside 300 CRB zines.

Cafe Royal Books – established in 2005 – publish utilitarian, affordable and accessible zines, highlighting and preserving post war documentary photography that has links to Britain and Ireland.

Every 100th title, Café Royal Books produces an archive box of the previous 100 zines and this exhibition presents the 500 CRB zines from the first five archive boxes. These have been published between 2012 and 2022.

Each CRB title presents a single story by a single photographer; collectively they aim to gather and organise a genre of photography that has often been neglected. Much of the work Café Royal Books publish is previously unseen.

The zines on display as a part of the show are on rotation, with three hundred / three archive boxes on display at once and regularly changing throughout the duration of the exhibition.

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