Black Country Stories
By Martin Parr

25.10.17 — 20.01.18

Between 2010 and 2014, Martin Parr was commissioned by Multistory to photograph the four boroughs of the Black Country. This extensive body of work looked at what remained of the Black Country‘s traditions, as well as the many different communities living there – Polish, Sikh and Somali to name but a few – all of whom bring an energetic work ethic, a strong sense of family and culture and, in many cases, a profound religious faith.

Martin photographed in workplaces, temples, churches, shops, clubs and societies.

The Martin Parr Foundation presents highlights from the show originally exhibited at The New Art Gallery Walsall and Wolverhampton Art Gallery in 2014/15.

The Black Country inspired Martin to return to film making. Teddy Gray’s, one of the four resulting films, is available to watch at the gallery.

Admission free.

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