New Cross Street, Hull - Sept 2012 © Niall McDiarmid

Peckham High Street, London - May 2013 © Niall McDiarmid

Ashvale Place, Aberdeen - Aug 2012 © Niall McDiarmid

Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham - Oct 2015 © Niall McDiarmid

Niall McDiarmid Workshop
Street Portraits


In this interactive workshop Niall will share his secrets behind approaching and photographing people in the street, while also challenging participants to make their own portraits.

The day will begin with Niall discussing his travels and work across Britain, a brief talk on influential street portraiture through history and tips on building a distinctive style in portrait photography. Other topics for discussion will include camera setup, composition and use of available light. After lunch participants will make street portraits themselves before meeting to critique the work back at the Martin Parr Foundation.

The cost includes a light lunch at the Martin Parr Foundation.

10.00am to 5.30pm