Justine Kurland
Artist Talk

Photographic artist Justine Kurland will give an overview of her creative practice in an artist talk held in the MPF gallery, followed by a book signing.

This event follows her recent photobook – SCUMB MANIFESTO, published by MACK books, 2022 – and the talk will culminate in a discussion about this work. Inspired by Valerie Solanas’ iconoclastic feminist tract SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto, SCUMB Manifesto presents Justine Kurland’s own initiative – the Society for Cutting Up Men’s Books.

‘Collage has long been a feminist strategy in art as in life: hybrid, shape-shifting, multiform, rebellious, irreverent and very funny. The cut is violent but the pasting can be seen as a metaphor for mending, bringing the margins to the center, a revision rife with possibility.’ – Justine Kurland

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